Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a fun and productive Thanksgiving weekend.  My parents came down last Tuesday night and we met them for a quick dinner at Red Bowl.  Mills was soooo happy there were here. As was I!  And Kevin too! 

Wednesday we went to Lowes and did some other errands. Dad loves to come down and fix a bunch of stuff for us. This time he refinished a table, fixed a few door knobs, fixed an electrical issue we had, fixed a spot light out front and did some other stuff.  Thankful he's handy!  Houses are full of repairs aren't they?

Wednesday night I made Pioneer Woman's Lasagna Roll Ups and a salad.  Easy and good for a cold weather night.

Mills basically took the middle of the couch every night.  Spoiled rotten.   He just helped himself right up there.  Usually he is never on the couch.  He loves his Nannie and Poppa.

Mills' puppy santa hat from when he was only 4 months old.  

Thursday Kevin's parents invited us to their club for Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun to be with everyone!

That night - Pioneer Woman's sherried tomato soup.  We just wanted a little something and this was perfect.

Mills in nannie and poppas bed and he would not move.  I'm telling you, he would probably have jumped right into their car this morning and gone home with them until Christmas.  And they wanted to take him too.  I hope he's still at our house when I get back from Salt Lake this week!

Friday - Black Friday. Mom and I went everywhere!!!  We came home to show the guys everything we got as we usually do.  Then we went out for dinner at Hawthorne's Pizza.  We have loved that place recently and there is one about 6 minutes from our house.  Afterwards we drove some neighborhoods and looked at Christmas lights.

A boy, his gator, his ruddy and his Tory burch flats.  

Saturday we went to Petsmart and brought Chance home to Mills. He's never had such a big stuffed animal but he loves him!  Ever since we gave him his first stuffed animal (a Kong Cozie) we just keep reminding him to be gentle and if he looks like he is starting to pull on their fur, we say, "Mills be sweet to Gator" or whoever and it works.  Ha!  He's never shredded a stuffed animal.

That night, we had Kevin's parents and Kendall to our house for tenderloin. 

And a lot of PW's Mashed Potatoes.  The very best and a complete splurge.

Sunday they taught me how to make fudge!  The Maryland tradition has made it to Charlotte and I'm excited to share it with our neighbors as my parents have done for so many years (like as in 45+ years).  

They made a pan then I made a pan.  I'll probably make two more between now and Christmas.

Lots of napping and football watching!  Tired people!  Mills was never a foot away from my Dad.  Insane.  He is OBSESSED with him. It's so funny.  I basically didn't exist in Mills' world all weekend.  

King of the castle!

Soooooo tired.  I will not get off my couch Mama.  I will not go out.  I will not go to bed.  I just want to layyyy here.

Sad to see them go home today but thankfully I'll get to see them in a few weeks for Christmas!


  1. You did some good work on Black Friday!! Jealous!

  2. If you and Kevin have kids someday, Mills is NOT going to want to share his grandparents!! :) I love how much they all love each other it's so cute.

  3. Looks like y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Mills' little Santa hat reminds me of Brady's first collar that I bought for him and have saved. It is t-tiny.

  4. Mills looks like he was soaking up all the lovin he got this weekend! Doesn't PW have the best recipes?! Haven't made a bad one yet!