Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Dear Mama's blog friends:  Welcome to our home!  Come on in and see our Christmas decorations!  Love, Mills

I put a spotlight on the front door for Christmas.  My parents have always done this too so that's why I do.  I think it makes the house really stand out.  The weird thing is that I haven't seen anyone in our neighborhood or many in Charlotte do this.  Yall put two spotlights on your door and pretty wreath!  It's gorgeous from the road.

Here's a picture from the left side of the house.  

And from the right side:

I love the look of a classic boxwood wreath.  We get ours from the same guy every year.  We have to get a 30" because our house sits up on a hill and pretty far back from the street.  After Christmas, I'll take the bow off and leave it up there til I put something up for Valentines Day.  I like to get lots of use out of the fresh wreath.  I keep it perky by using a little spray bottle and spraying water on it every few days.  

This year I put the carolers on our foyer table and added some fresh holly.  We added Mills last year to our collection.  See that buddy in the front?

Friends, this is our tree this year.  Isn't that ba-humbug or what?!  We just didn't feel like getting a big ole tree for just us and putting all that effort in when only he and I would see it.  We aren't having anyone over.  We don't have kids.  What's the point?  We just didn't do it this year.  Oh well.  I'm trying to still convince myself I'm okay with this whole concept.  But in the meantime, our walls in our bedroom are not patterned as they appear below ha!

This is in our den on our bar.  A lil mini tree Mom made me years ago and a Rudolph on the right!

Side table.  My friend Lauren gave this to me many years ago and I still love pulling it out each year and smelling it.  So nice!

I got a couple new pillows - the white ones you see below.  I got two of them so I didn't have Christmas pillows on top of blue pillows that usually live there.  

I love those cocktail napkins - Dear Santa, please stop in Charlotte First!

I got this Santa this year as well from Bedside Manor.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Mom gives me a caroler each year for Christmas but always gives it to me early so we can enjoy it that year.  This year she gave me this Santa that has been busy catching crabs and oysters from the Chesapeake Bay (he's on the left below).  Love him!

Gosh I guess I've gotten some new things this year.  I got this jingle bell garland at Crate and Barrel on Black Friday along with these ornaments.  I love how it turned out.  This bowl I registered for at Williams Sonoma (I think or it could have been Pottery Barn) I have just enjoyed so much.  I use it for EVERYTHING!

Dad hung a knob for me on the upper left of our sink so I can hang fancy hand towels like this one - Santa Claws.  How cute right?  Crab with a Santa hat!

I always love putting Christmas trees out on our dining room table.  The tree in the top right is one I added this year and also the lil deer too!

Cranberries and gold pinecones on the left.  

Guest bathroom.  

And I need to take pictures of the garland on our light post out front and also the fresh greens on our mailbox that Mom did when she was here.  I'll add those soon!

Thanks for checking out our decorations and please forgive us for not being festive and having a tree! ;)

See Part Two of my decorations here! (Just a couple more things I added)


  1. Everything looks great! Those napkins are adorable. I wouldn't worry too much about the'll have plenty of trees in the coming years!

  2. I love all your Chesapeake Bay/Eastern Shore decor! My mom just moved there, and I'd love some suggestions for good places to shop and give her these kinds of goodies. The "Santa Claws" is too cute!

  3. Looks great! I need to add some greens to my decorations. Also, need to remember to spray my outside greenery!

  4. That pillow of the dog, and your Santa claws towel are adorable!!! Even without a tree your house is still so festive!

  5. You have such a beautiful home, I love the wreath and spotlight! My parents do that too.

  6. We don't have a tree this year either. Between traveling for work and being gone for two weeks over Christmas and New Year's, I decided to forgo the tree this year. It wasn't worth the time since we can't enjoy it very much. Sad, but true!

  7. I think it is very festive with all your little touches!

  8. Love it!! We need more outside decorations. I want some garland to go around the door. I posted early this week about ours. Whew!

  9. Stopped by via the KK linkup. Your caroling Santas are so cute and unique!

  10. Stopping over from Kelly's Korner. I love your Christmas decor....but more than that I love your accent. I am from Louisiana. Stop on over #36.

  11. We didn't have a tree for years since we always spent Christmas at my parents so I love the fact that you have a little one at least.