Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Home Tour and Baptism

Friday - 4th Ward Holiday Home Tour

This home was stunning.

Tara and I volunteered for the 7th year in a row.  Then dinner at Alexander Michaels, a neighborhood fav.  

Saturday AM - lil Mills had to go to the vet.  My parents found a little lump on his neck so I took him to get it checked.  The good news is it's not cancerous or anything but they still want to take it out when they clean his teeth in January/February.  He wasn't phased one ounce by going to the vet and having them stick him.  He just wagged his tail and licked all of the people there.  He's a true Golden! 

Saturday afternoon I took some pumpkin bread and monogrammed goodies to my friend McGee and her husband who just had baby Ellie.  They are Mills' brother's parents.  We've really enjoyed getting to know and becoming good friends with them this year.  McGee and I are on the same page and the guys each own their own businesses so they obviously have a lot in common.  

That afternoon I got this cute picture of my nieces and their pooch Fin.  Adorable right?  I think I received this picture during my three hour very necessary nap.  

Saturday night - much needed evening with just Kevin.  We went to Chuy's then to Nordstrom to walk around.  On the way home we stopped in some neighborhoods and looked at lights.  This one is in the neighborhood right next to us.  We didn't even know it existed...can you believe this?  It's a huge house and they go ALL OUT!

Sunday my friend Sarah and her husband invited us to their daughter's baptism brunch at their club.  It was so fun to see her family and hang with April and her hubby as well!  The guys talked guns and the girls ohh'd and ahh'd over the two lil girls!  Thank you for letting us be part of your special day, Gigi!
photo courtesy of April!
 Sunday evening I delivered fudge to our next door and across the street neighbors, continuing my parent's tradition of giving it to their neighbors for 40+ years.  It is fun to bring it to our neighborhood and start a new tradition for Kevin and I.  

Then this...the three of us watched football and had leftovers for dinner.

Here's to Monday and the start of a new week!


  1. sounds like such a perfect and festive weekend!

  2. That house is awesome! We'll have to check it out!

  3. Wow to both the beautiful greenery (that puts mine to shame), and to those Christmas lights! Hope all turns out okay with Mills and his little lump :/

  4. tell me where that house is!! Sucky your missed the girls party. It seriously was the most fun ever! :)

  5. So glad Mills' boo boo isn't cancerous! Brady has a lump on his chest that I need to get checked out ASAP. I need to be a good neighbor and deliver some goodies to mine..but they all talk to much. haha, is that bad?!?