Monday, December 15, 2014


This is pretty much how Mills felt about life this weekend.  "I'm staying outside whether you like it or not!"  To his credit it was in the low 60's all weekend and sunny.  He loved being out there.  

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin's parents and then watched Christmas Vacation.  You know, the movie you all have seen but I never have?  It was actually fun watching it though I did lose an hour and a half of my life on something that isn't real.  

Saturday I did Flywheel as usual then got cooking.  I made a dinner for my friend and took that to her.  I also made two pans of fudge.  

Kevin was at the gun show with a buddy (which PS I was so glad he was finally not working - he has been literally 24/7 recently).  Mills and I chilled for about 20 minutes. 

 I met up with the guys for dinner and we called it an early night.  

Sunday morning I wanted to make waffles and Mills did not like the beeping on that waffle maker. I guess it reminded him of the smoke alarm.  I found him under my bedside table.  Poor lil baby.

I made more fudge on Sunday and we watched the Panthers win.  Around 3pm it was 63 degrees so I decided to give Mills a bath.  This is when I was brushing him out front in the sun.

I was invited to my friend Sarah's house for a girl's get together and it was so much fun!

L to R - Me, Katie, Emma, Sarah, Elizabeth, Megin, Lauren, April, Faith, Rachel and Shannon.  Fun group of girls!  I actually met most (not all) of these girls through blogging in Charlotte but I've known a lot of them for 5+ years now.

This was Mills this morning.  Head propped on a pillow, laying on my side of the bed and would not wake up.  I felt the same way as my lil buddy.  For some reason it was hard getting up this morning but I'm ready to roll this week out.  


  1. Seriously great weekend for you!!! Love your group of girls!

  2. I also had a tough time getting out of bed this morning.... even after plenty of sleep and no booze this weekend! Last week apparently did me in (lots of work meetings/dinners etc). I'm pooped!

  3. Mills under your bedside table is hysterical.

    Your view of watching movies is so funny! I love cuddling up and watching movies! So relaxing and nice to let my mind wander.

  4. My mouth might be watering at whatever fancy cocktail drink is in that picture!!!!!! YUM. I think I need some sugared cranberries in my life too. :) And Mills is killin it with cuteness in all the pics! xx