Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Updates

I'm a spastic mess these days but this week I've really gotten my act together at work and some personal.  Tomorrow is my day to get our house together.  Here's where I am on things:

1.  I mailed Christmas cards on Tuesday so the Charlotte people got them yesterday and everyone else today or tomorrow I guess?  I'm linking up with Faith next week on Wednesday to share our design!

2.  I still need to get a red bow for our light post.  At this point, I'm like blah I don't know if it'll happen but I have high intentions.  We'll see.

3.  Yesterday I went to Kansas and had the worst headache.  It was almost migraine style.  I wasn't really looking forward to going to see this project because I'm not the biggest fan of all involved but it actually was really good I went and a lot got the one hour I was there.  Hmm let's fly 2.5 hours to Kansas for one hour and fly back.  Cool!  

4.  I'm trying to not fly for the two weeks of Christmas and New Years.  I won't know what to do with myself but ohhhh it'll be so nice!  Dear Husband, I may get to see you more often!  Love, Lish

5.  This morning I had a mental health appointment so I was late to work.  I couldn't get in an earlier class so I had to go to a 7:30am Flywheel class but it was SO worth it.  I'm in a much better state of mind.  Mental health appointment = Flywheel for me.  The past week I've been such a not pleasant person and I know it's because I only ran Mills up and down the street a couple times and didn't do real exercise.  I'm hoping to turn things around now.  Kevin is probably like, "who is this girl I married and why can she not get her act together?!"

6.  I made dinner for Kevin on Tuesday.  I know, call it a record.  I hadn't made dinner in over a month for him.  I'm TERRIBLE yall, I'm telling you.  I always tell him that if I didn't work, I'd be skinny and much nicer AND be able to have dinner on the table each night hahaha.  Not reality!

Okay I'm done rambling.  Chat soon!


  1. I feel ya girl....and your spot on with your mental health appointment. If I don't get in 4 really good workouts a week, I just feel like a monster. Plus, 3lbs crept up after Thanksgiving, so it looks like I'm going to need to up my game these next few weeks!

  2. We did get your Christmas card yesterday and love it!

  3. I am right there with you with not working :) And my house would always be clean!