Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

Thought it'd be fun to list some highlights of each month through this past year!  This is why I have my blog.  I love going back and looking at all of the fun things we've done and experiences we've gotten to see and do.  

I don't blog for others to see what we've been doing and judge us for it.  I don't blog for money.  I don't blog because I have nothing else to do.  I don't blog because our life is perfect -- it's far from it.  

I blog because it's my diary and I think our families enjoy seeing what we've been up to.  And I love that I have gotten to know so many new friends because of blogging.  And I love all the fun comments that you all are so sweet to leave me.  Can I get an amen from you other bloggers who get what I'm saying?

So, here were OUR highlights of 2014!  

January - We got Mills and his brother together to play and we met some great friends in the process!

February - We found out Kevin was the #1 agent in North Carolina for 2013 and he won the big trip!

March - We did some things to our home including new backsplash.  And we hung out with our nieces!

April - We celebrated our anniversary and also went to China and Japan.

May - We went to Puerto Vallarta.

June - We went to Maryland for a wedding!

July - We went to Amelia Island which is one of our very favorite places. 

August - We hosted a food truck party for Kevin's agent friends who we have gotten to travel the world with so we've become great friends.  And Mills turned two and celebrated with his brother!

September - We went to Kiawah Island and had a fun time, just the two of us!  We also did some work on our house.

October - We installed irrigation in our yard and had a fun time at a Panthers game!

November - We had a BIG November.  My parents visited Halloween weekend, we hosted the family reunion, went to the Greenbrier and my parents came back for Thanksgiving.

December - Went to Maryland for Christmas!

2015 will be an even bigger year for us!


  1. I love this year in review and y'all had one for the books! Loved all the times I got to hang out with you and Kevin this past year. Let's do more of that in '15. Cheers!

  2. Absolutely love the statement in your second paragraph - I am there with you 100%! You've had such a wonderful and fun year!

  3. Happy New Year! I love your blog - have to admit one reason is Mills… Looking forward to reading about your adventures this year!

  4. What an exciting and busy year y'all have had! I am totally with you on my reason for blogging. Not to mention is brought us together as friends! :)

  5. What an awesome year y'all have had! I can't wait to see what big and small things you get into in 2015! Xoxo!