Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE:  Mills advertising Carolina Boat Brokerage.

TWO:  I had a big time with Mom going into the American Girl store in Charlotte on Black Friday.  We got this lil outfit for Isabelle for my niece Amelia for Christmas.  It was on her wishlist.

THREE:  When I was in Salt Lake for a night this week I saw all of these people using pay phones at the airport.  Who knew they still existed?  Must have been folks on a Mormon mission because they aren't allowed to have cell phones!

Check out those snow covered mountains in Salt Lake!

FOUR:  Charlotte ladies - you can get a free Moe's burrito til the 7th if you text code CLTBURRITO to 81018.  It actually works.  I really don't care about the burrito as much as I do about the green salsa.  It was a treat!

FIVE:  Need I say more?

FIVE POINT FIVE:  Mills is so scared of the sound the smoke alarms make when their battery is dead.  Well come to find out, my new slippers make it when I hit the hardwood floors wrong.  He was such a wimp this one night.  Kevin swaddled him up like a baby in this gray blanket.  Usually he moves out of that sort of thing immediately, but he stayed forever.  I guess he felt safer.  What a baby!

Then we piled pillows on top of him.  Haha, he's a nut! Or maybe we are.

Happy Friday!  Lots of fun events going on tonight.  We were invited to a wedding we couldn't go to in Charleston because of Kevin working, I was invited to a wine tasting party, a girls night in the neighborhood and the holiday home tour.  I have volunteered for the home tour every year since 2008 so that's my tradition and what I'll be doing.  Chat Monday!


  1. Ha. Jax doesn't mind alarms. He does scare the crap out of himself when he steps on a pile of leaves. So jumpy!

    Pay phones? That's great. I didn't know they still existed either!!!

  2. I'm not ashamed to say I would get in so much trouble in the American Girl store. I need to find some apple butter asap. Mills is adorable!

  3. Oh, poor Mills! He is adorable all swaddled up. Love American Girls; that outfit is so cute and will make your niece so happy !

  4. I have an irrational love for how much you guys care for Mills. It's just too adorable.
    - Linda, ny

  5. Alllllll about the salsa verde - WELCOME TO MOE'S!