Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday - Christmas Style

Are you all ready for Christmas?  Here are my Christmas Five!

ONE:  It's been a busy week in my lil world.  We had our Christmas bunco on Tuesday which included zero bunco but lots of fun eating special things, drinking yum punch and a gift exchange.  I gave a pair of Kate Spade earrings I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (so under $30 which is our limit) and I received a gift set of Bliss Lemon & Sage Bath Gel, lotion and minty bar soap.  I'm so excited.  I've been wanting the lotion for a long time (it's my fav) so this was perfect!  Thankfully the other bunco girls didn't know how wonderful Bliss is and they didn't steal it! ;)  I took fudge on my Nora Fleming platter with Santa hat.

TWO: Last night I went for cocktails with my friend Sarah and then to a home tour in a nearby neighborhood!  I'm so glad she lives less than 5 minutes from me!  Funny story - she and I both had Lilly Elsa shirts on and TB shoes.  We are crazy!

Then we toured some gorgeous homes!

This one was our favorite...very classy and traditional.  The lady had all fresh greens in her home and lots of Williamsburg touches.  My mom would have flipped - it was stunning!  She said, "oh bring your Mom by when she's in town next!  I'd love to have her!"  True southern hospitality!

Call me crazy but I've never seen the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and for the past 5 Christmas' Kevin's parents have tried to get me to watch it with them.  Well Christmas #6, we're finally going over to their house to watch it tonight!  My friend Kelly is obsessed with it (as I'm sure most of you are) so she will be extra proud of me for watching a movie.  I hate movies - waste of time!!!

I have Kevin and my parents left on my list to buy for.  I have NO clue what to get any of them.  Those closest to me are the hardest.  I already have all of my gifts shipped to those out of town so that was a nice feeling to get done.  But now I need to wrap up the shopping.  

We have a semi low-key weekend.  Movie with Kevin's parents tonight, may go to an ugly sweater party tomorrow night and I have a girl's night on Sunday night that I was invited to.  I also hope to make a meal for a friend of mine that has a 5 week old and has been on bed rest for 4 of those weeks due to some complications.  Then this week she found out she has shingles.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Best part of today?  Rosa's ladies are coming.  Oh how I love her and her people.  Best money we spend all month.  This house is disgusting but won't be for long!  Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaa.  


  1. That movie is a classic : ) Sorry to hear about your friend. I had shingles last year and it was a nightmare. If treated it can clear up fast though thankfully. Poor girl.

  2. I've never seen Christmas Vacation either! I DVRed it this year so I can finally watch it. So glad I'm not alone. I'm with you not knowing what to get my husband as well. I'm starting to freak out a little bit.

  3. What beautiful homes. They made me feel all Christmassy! Love your blog, found it on the link up.

  4. Your poor friend! I hope she feels better soon. That's so nice that you are going to make a meal for her; I'm sure she will really appreciate it and needs the extra help! Enjoy your weekend. :)