Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

I'm very excited about this week for lots of reasons but one is because my parents will be in Charlotte!  We have lots of fun things on the agenda including:

 - Thanksgiving dinner with Kevin's family at their club on Thursday (it's AMAZING not to have to cook on Thanksgiving or clean up dishes)

 - Learning how to make Mom's famous fudge recipe from the master herself.  I hope to start this tradition of giving it to our neighborhood friends this year as she has done for many years and her Mom did too.  

 - Dad will be having fun fixing a few things around our house and doing some computer stuff for Kevin at his offices.  Dad is so excited about driving down here so he can bring his tools ha!

 - Black Friday shopping with Mom.  Another tradition and we love it.  

 - Playing with Mills...a lot. He is obsessed with his Nannie and Poppa and I'm pretty certain the feeling is mutual.  

Thanksgiving is a fun time for us.  It brings back memories of Kevin's and my parents meeting in 2009 though we didn't spend actual Thanksgiving together - see here.   In 2010, we went to Coco Osteria and Howl at the Moon with both sets of parents and did our own thing for Thanksgiving - see here.  In 2011 we were engaged so we had our first Thanksgiving with both sets of parents - see here.  2012 we were invited back to Kevin's parents club - see here.  2013 we continued the tradition for the third year - see here.  

So this year I'll have our fourth annual Thanksgiving with both sets of parents to share next week.  Very thankful. 


  1. Oh wow...I didn't realize you had been blogging that long!

    Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. I have my parents coming over Friday to help me around the house. And I ordered my pies :)

  2. Wow your Thanksgiving sounds packed! Have a great holiday.

  3. I love your idea of starting a fudge tradition! We used to do that in our neighborhood growing up!

  4. Sounds like Thanksgiving really is a special time for y'all! I love the fudge tradition...you'll have to share the recipe on here (if it's not secret!).