Monday, November 10, 2014

Reunion Weekend

We hosted Kevin's side of the family for their family reunion on Saturday.  

We had the Auto Burger and Fry Guys food truck come back again. They're wonderful!

Lots of family came in from Dallas last Wednesday. We went to the fish camp Friday night.  

Desserts - the essential part of any southern reunion.  

The crowd. 

Aunt Kate and the girls!

They all painted their nails and painted wreaths when most people left.  Also may I note that this was probably one of the best days of mills' life?

With Kevin's parents. 

Sunday Mills and I got breakfast in bed.  Bacon bacon bacon. Mills is obsessed. 

Rest of the day we regrouped and did a couple of errands!  Happy Monday!


  1. The food truck idea really is you think they would come to my house for Christmas ; ) haha. Mills is one spoiled doggy, he looks like he's in his glory!

  2. You're a good woman for having all of Kevin's family at your house!! Mills looks like he's just eating up all the attention!

  3. I love a good family reunion! The food truck was brilliant, and the dessert table looks killer!

  4. Seriously that food truck idea is genius! And how fun as a guest too!!!! What a fun event

  5. Wow! I'm so impressed that you hosted so many people! It looks like it turned out great, and I love the food truck.

  6. I love Mills in the family pic. What a fun time I bet that was!