Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brain Dump

Tess did a brain dump today so I think I will too!

1.  Currently snowing in Salt Lake City.  Stop!

2.  I have 3 more people to find gifts for Christmas.  My friend Ashley had a good idea to get one person all of their favorite things - scarf, cookies, gift card, lip stick. I think this is a cute idea!

3.  Can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.  Gobble gobble. 

4.  I'm hosting neighborhood bunko at our house on Tuesday. We are playing left right center because it's easier to set up for the hostess (me!) and we all think it's fun!

5. Evidently mills has been acting weird this week since I haven't been home.  Usually he's pretty normal but Kevin said he's been laying in odd spots.  I can wait to play with that sweet boy tomorrow.  

6.  I'd like to make a home cooked meal this weekend. I get so tired of eating out all the time when I'm on the road.  And it's funny because Kevin doesn't go out when I'm not home so he always wants to go out.  

7. What are you all doing this weekend?


Tess said...

Ha! I did a brain dump this morning too! But I know the feeling of wanting to detox after too many resturant meals -- even when they're healthy!

MCW said...

I only have 2 gifts bought! Wish I was as far along as you are.
I have reservations tomorrow at one of my favorite restaurants and then Saturday we're cooking at home. I think one night out, one night in on the weekends is my fave.

Ally Harding said...

Left right center is my favorite group game! I've won some serious money playing, like $10! haha

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

So SO stuck on a present for my mom - everyone else is done!

megan said...

I do not envy you being in all of that coldness right now. Hurry home - Mills & Kevin miss you! This weekend we are having some friends over for a small oyster roast! Can't wait!!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Mills is so sweet! I started my holiday shopping but still have so many more things to get. Hoping to get some gifts when I'm in New York.

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Oh my gosh! I hear you on eating out! Most of the time when I finally get home, I just want a simple, healthy homemade meal. Travel is different when it's for work!

I hope that you have a great weekend!