Thursday, November 6, 2014


Today I'm thankful for my health.  

Last week after Flywheel, I just thought about how it's so great that I'm ABLE to exercise like that.  

It's cool that I'm able to run around like a crazy person every day.  

It's nice that I can keep up the pace I can traveling.  

I like knowing I can go run three miles if I want to or go sprint up and down our street with crazy Mills. 

I'm thankful for this and today I'm just remembering that. 

Randommmm, I know. But we should be more thankful of these small (but truly big) things!  So today, I'm reminding myself!


Leslie said...

Sometimes I get discouraged about my body, but it is really important to remember all of the amazing things that are bodies can do. Great post and reminder!

Sarah O said...

Wonderful thing to be thankful for. And a good reminder to all of us.

lplandon said...

Thanks for the great reminder, friend!

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

My Soul instructor says this every single class -- just to be GRATEFUL that we can walk in that door, that our bodies carry us there and through the class, that we have the financial means to pay for one, that we have the time and ability to give ourselves that 45 minutes of selfish, sweaty time. It pumps me up when I'm feeling lazy too -- "Don't slow down, you are grateful for these muscles!!!"

KW said...

I channeled this post at Flywheel last night & this morning, thank you for inspiration!!