Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE:  Feels good to be back in the swing of things at the end of this week.  I literally have not had enough hours in the day since the week before Halloween.  I haven't gotten to exercise like I like to, blogging has taken a back seat, my nails haven't been painted in ages, let's not even think about the last time I cooked at home was and I've been completely exhausted.  I'm always busy but not like the last few weeks.  Looking forward to next week and a lil break!

TWO:  I turn two buildings over to their tenants today for work - one in Virginia and one in West Virginia.  Very exciting!  

THREE:  The other night I needed some cheer in my life so I spent about 30 minutes taking Thanksgiving decorations upstairs and bringing a few Christmas things down.  I normally never decorate before Thanksgiving but everyone is doing it this year.  I still have my Fall wreath up and mums out front.  I'm not putting candles in the window yet ha!  I do enjoy having this lil Christmas tree in our room...although the lights are creating a weird effect on the wall.  

FOUR:  Mills and I spent some time together last night.  First I took him on a lil trot then he helped me make Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes for our work Thanksgiving which is today.  

FIVE:  I don't know what it is but I've been invited to SO many Christmas parties this year.  Some girl things and some couple things.  I know it's not realistic to go to all of them but I wish we could.  It's funny because last year we didn't get invited to many at all...maybe people were still cutting back after the recession, who knows?  Anyway, tis the season!  

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Sarah O said...

The Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes are on my Thanksgiving menu too. They are the absolute best!