Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend

On Halloween I got a gate pass and found some people at gate E35A. The weekend before my parents jokingly mentioned coming down for the weekend and they shouldn't say things like that to me unless they really want to come.  I booked them flights with my miles that night.  And they arrived on Friday. 

We tooled around Southpark that day then had an early cocktail hour with a visit from a cutie elephant and her Mama!

Mills is OBSESSED with my parents.  That's putting it mildly. He pouted every night that he had to sleep in our room and not theirs. 

Halloween tradition for Kevin and I is chili in the crockpot.  

His brother and SILs lil girl (and our niece) came over to trick or treat.  She was an NC State cheerleader. You know I gave her this outfit. Sadly she was yelling go tarheels the whole time. Bless her heart, she had been brainwashed by her poppa, father and Uncle Kevin.  Thankfully what she was wearing matters more. Not my fault they hadn't gotten her an ugly blue outfit. ;)

One of our neighbors had set up a dance off for candy. It was funny.  Then it started raining and we dashed home!

Saturday we shopped til we dropped. Mom ran me into the ground but we found a lot of Christmas gifts which was good.  Kevin worked and Dad did stuff for us at our house. He can fix anything!

Saturday night - cocktail hour then the four of us took Uber to 131 Main for a late dinner. Deviled eggs and cornbread to start!

And some to go cups from our house in front of mom. 

We had a really good time!  We Ubered it home and called it a night!

Sunday, we went to breakfast at Sun Valley then to Lowes for mums and some other things.  We drove a neighborhood we've been looking at so we could show mom and dad. 

We ordered pizza for dinner and watched football.  

Mills was zonked!

Today, back to reality. I brought my parents to the airport and I'm sitting in the club with them. They're going home and I'm going out west for a quick day trip. 

Chat soon!


  1. Jax is obsessed with my parents too...more so my mom! Love the dance off idea. So funny.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend : ) The cornbread at 131 a-mazing.