Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cousin Tour

After a few days in Salt Lake last week I took a Delta (cheated on my beloved US Air) flight up to Boise, Idaho to see my cousin.  We have a very small family so it's only my brother and I and our two cousins, Kit and Laura.  And all four of us live in different places across the country.

Welcome to Boise, the land of snow.  Kit said it set all kinds of records and it never snows like this.  Let me tell you, Boise needs to work on their lack of snow plows on their was insane the next morning getting back to the airport.

Kit and Ryan just built a new home and it's so pretty.  Here are their two kiddos playing dress up - Maeve and Finn.  They're adorable.

Kit and I.

The next morning I flew back to Charlotte.  Well I tried and ended up missing a connection in Phoenix but it got figured out and I made the next flight.

And in the Charlotte airport I landed at the same time as Kit's sister, my other cousin Laura.  Laura had been in San Fran for a conference and was going back to Richmond.  What are the chances?  We got to spend 40 minutes together catching up.  

Wish we lived closer to my side of the family but thankful Kevin's are close by us.  


  1. Those kids are too adorable! And my mom wanted to name me Maeve, it's so pretty

  2. How fun - and I see a lot of resemblance between your cousins and you!