Thursday, May 1, 2014

It Is What It Is

Something I say a lot:

It Is What It Is.

Have you ever thought about what this really means?  

You can't change things all of the time.  
At some point, you cannot do everything at home, work and in life.  
You have no control over certain things.

It Is What It Is.

Maybe you needed to hear this today!


  1. Wow!! I say the same thing. In so many situations it is so appropriate to describe what is taking place. Love your blog!

  2. Hey there! Its hickory from SBY :) Came across your blog and its soo lovely! I see you have a golden puppy - adorable - I just got a 5 mo old Lab and was hoping for some tips on what you do with him during the day when you are working...crate? Also at night. I hate to have to crate him all the time but I left him out today and he chewed up 2 prs of my shoes :( HELP!!!