Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 6 - Part 2 - Gala

Good grief, we've been in Mexico since Saturday on another trip for Kevin's work.  Now I have to recap that too but I should be able to do that in one or two posts max.  For now, I'll continue on this trip.  But I'll probably interrupt it with Mexico pictures at some point over the next few days.

After 20 minutes to get ready, this was the product.  Note to self - spread your hair curls apart before a picture next time.

We all gathered in the Theater on the boat.  Half of the people ate dinner while we had the concert.  Then we switched.  So we got the surprise of the entertainer first.  They began the evening with these girls playing their instruments then the ladies on the right (and left) banging on their drums.  They were talented.

Then the CEO of Kevin's company spoke.  Extremely nice guy.

Jennifer Hudson was introduced.  She was the performer.

Last year Sting.  This year Jennifer Hudson.  Kevin was so disappointed.  He thought for sure she was opening for someone else.  Evidently they paid too much out in bonuses this year! ;)

But I enjoyed watching her.  She definitely has some pipes and so do her three backup singers.  One of them in George from American Idol with her.  Remember him?

After the show, we had a cocktail hour and got to chat with the CEO and his wife for a bit.  So sweet.

Then we all had a nice dinner.  Yvette and Brad.

Sarah and Benjy.

Sarah and Dave.

Amy and Josh.

Kim and Bryan.

Umm frog legs.  Gross.

Escargot, delish.

So crazy story about Jennifer Hudson.  She did the show at 6:30 then another one at 9 or something.  But all of her equipment had to be off the boat by midnight or the Chinese authorities were going to throw it overboard.  They all made it by 6 minutes.  Crazy.

Then the boat departed at 11:59pm for Japan.  Monday was a day at sea so that's next.


  1. I can't believe that they were going to throw the stuff overboard, ha!

  2. Why were they such freaks about her getting her stuff off there? Weird!

  3. So crazy about Jennifer Hudson. That certainly looks like a fabulous night!