Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 3 - Part 1 - Forbidden City

Thursday, April 24th we had a big day.  And possibly my most favorite day of our trip.

We started with a visit to the Forbidden City.

The emperor sat on this throne and watched everyone from here.

This picture cracks me up and I didn't even know I took it specifically.  The guy in the bottom left is the second in charge of Kevin's company.  He's just chilling in Beijing with all the Chinese.  Nice guy.

This lil boy was precious.

His Mom came up to me and asked if I would pose for a picture with him.  I happily agreed.

So the most traumatic part of the trip - the toilets.  Or lack thereof.  They SQUAT yall.  THEY SQUAT.  And don't flush.  Oh my lawdy be I was incredibly grossed out.

LOOK.  It's a hole in the floor.  And the used toilet paper goes in the corner.  I die.  And I ran out of this bathroom so quickly.  Heck no I didn't use it...instead I gagged and prayed I wouldn't yack.  I'll tell you about the first time I HAD to use one and how I made it through.  It'll be in a couple more posts.

We were walking through the Forbidden City and a small group of suits were around him.  Paul Ryan!  He had never seen so many Americans in Beijing before.  He was touring just like us and thought it was crazy that 400 of us were there at the same time he was.  Luckily, we were in the right spot at the right time and Kevin got to shake his hand. 

This video is of when Kevin met him.  One of his crazy buddies yelled out that he is a democrat which was hilarious because he isn't. 

Moving on....

Brad and Yvette.  Benjy and Sarah.  Kevin and I.

Next favorite - Great Wall of China.


  1. So cool you got to meet Paul Ryan! What are the odds?!?

  2. The best part of this post? Paul Ryan! That is totally hysterical!! I would have died with those bathrooms b/c i drink so much water..

  3. So crazy y'all ran into Paul Ryan! Those bathrooms are disgusting. But atleast you're working out your thigh muscles at the same time. :)

  4. So cool you met Paul Ryan what a fun addition!! I'm sure he liked seeing y'all too! Can't believe those toilets that's the absolute worst

  5. Wonder what old, larger people do with no leg muscles????

  6. I am LOVING following along on these posts!! I encountered a few toilets like that in public places in Italy, and I'm with you. It was....awful. I'll have to tell you more about it in person...

    And Paul Ryan! So crazy and so neat!

  7. Keep the posts coming- great photos! How cute is that little boy who wanted to pose with you, so sweet. I don't blame you on the bathrooms...yikes!