Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 8 - Kagoshima

Kagoshima, Japan was our first stop in Japan.  The immigration process was crazy and by the time we did the retina and fingerprint scans, we didn't get off the boat until close to 10:30am.  We had docked at 7am.  

But our group of 10 got off and we tooled around the town for a few hours.

And acted crazy.

Volcano in back of us.

Everyone in the town came out to the dock before we departed.  They had this band and they all used these orange flags to waive at us.

Very kind and gracious people.  It was a very quick stop here but they all came out to say hi.


Benjy spent a lot of time in our room chatting with Kevin on the balcony about their business plans.

That night we went to dinner on the boat and poor Dave wasn't feeling so hot.  It was really bumpy that night so I think the sea sickness got the best of him.

The next day (Wednesday) we were going to Kobe.  And my oh my - Kobe beef.


  1. Retina scans!? That's some Minority Report ish right there, my goodness!

  2. I hope they have a good business plan, want to read about/hide in your suitcase for next years trip!