Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 10 - Rest of Kobe and At Sea

Not too many pictures on this post.  This was Thursday, May 1st and we were still in Kobe, Japan.  We only had a few hours this morning so Kevin and I ventured out by ourselves and walked the streets.

There were vending machines EVERYWHERE.

Our friends had gotten some food from this place the day before and they said it was good and safe to eat so I went and got a couple things to try.

Kevin, not so much.  But he was a good sport and stayed with me while I waited on a couple lil snacks.

Everyone was ordering these puff pork things and they were making in the window so I figured out that this place was famous for them.  So I got a small one.

I also got this shrimp egg roll thing.  OMG it was one of my favorite things I ate over there.

Thankfully we walked a lot.  Oh, have I mentioned how I got a currency converter app on my phone before we went over.  It was free and worked even when I didn't have internet.  That came in handy so much!

We tried to use the free wifi in the lobby of the port of Kobe but it was even worse than the boat wifi.  Which by the way, we spent $150 on the boat wifi.  And it was terrible.  But at least we could semi communicate with my parents via iMessage.  They conveyed messages to Kevin's parents which was nice.

That night we set sail and we had a fun night on the boat planned. 

This sunset was unreal.

We went to this show by this comedian out of Boston. Think thick Boston accent and hilarious.  This guy was good.

All the staff singing.

Then we all went to a late dinner.  Kevin was obsessed with the French Onion soup on board.  Hey, it was one thing he'd actually eat so I said go for it.

Steak, not so good.  But how could you compare to the night before in Kobe?!

But we had a fun night and called it an early one. 

The next day was our last full day and we were spending it in Tokyo, Japan.

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  1. Just caught up on your last 2 posts! I can see Japan being friendlier/cleaner. That kobe steak looks amazing! So nice the americans from boston showed y'all around! I love meeting others americans abroad! Such a fab trip!!