Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 7 - Day At Sea

Monday, April 28th was a day at sea.  We went from Shanghai, China to Kagoshima, Japan.

Basically I won't bore you with cruise ship pictures but we hung by the pool and lounged for most of the day.  Our group of friends got a bunch of lounge chairs together and chatted.  

Kevin and I were lucky enough to get invited by his top bossman (and his wife) over the entire Southeast region to dinner.  They took us to a place on the ship called Qsine.  And it was over the top.

How cool are these light fixtures?

Everyone got an iPad to use to order.  You put in what you like into the iPad then the waitress puts all of the orders for the table together and brings out the food tapas style.  When we were all full, she stopped bringing things.  Sushi lollipops were first...and my fav.


Pork and veggie egg rolls.

Lobster escargot.


This filet was so good.

Mini sliders.

Then she brought this and this is how you order dessert.  I got the red velvet cupcake.

Kevin got the cheesecake.

The wine...yum.

This was the red velvet cupcake.  You got to decorate your own.  How about the pop rocks in the middle...who knew those even still existed?!

Very cool vibe.

So it was 8 of us - Bob & Chris, Benjy & Sarah, Dave & Sarah and Kevin & I.  Kevin always said I looked Chinese in this Lilly dress so I had to wear it while I was over there.

Kagoshima, Japan is next!


  1. Now that is one cool restaurant!! For reals! Love that you can decorate your own cupcake :)

  2. I realize you are young and may not put a lot of thought into what you are doing, but let me try and warn you; your husband's company is not pleased with this blog of yours. They have laid off hundreds of employees over the past few years, they have hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits (which is just a part of the kind of business they are in) and receive constant criticism for their rates (Again just part of the industry). They do not need you rubbing it in the face of the public and the employees who work just as hard as you say your husband does but are not in a position to win these trips. And seriously it is embarrassing to see how you and many others dress on these trips when representing Allstate! Sometimes it is appropriate but not always. And trust me I have seen more than just pictures, if you get what I'm saying. What I am trying to say is that it is extremely tacky and in poor taste to brag like this and carry on about it. Not cool at all.

  3. Probably one of the coolest eating experiences I've even seen! After each pictures I kept think "yep I would order that". So neat!