Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 11 - Tokyo, Japan - Last Recap

Oh lawdy, I've been in Vegas all week.  Well, since Sunday until the red eye arriving back in Charlotte yesterday morning.  Crazy!  I'm excited about this long weekend to chill and hang with Kevin and Mills!

For now, this is my last China/Japan recap.  Thank you for reading about all of our adventures!

On Friday, May 2nd, we arrived in Yokohama, Japan.  This is about 45 minutes from Tokyo and the closest port that could take our large ship.  I could not believe we went under this bridge.

We received a warm welcome in Yokohama.

This is only the Yokohama skyline which is like the size of a small town compared to NYC.

We took a bus to the train station...

A train to the subway station...

Then more subway lines later and a lot of transfers...

We arrived in Tokyo.  Took us about 40 minutes total.  

First sightings of the Tokyo Tower.  This thing is taller than the Eiffel Tower.

We went up in it.  One elevator to the very top.  But first stop was half way.

Then we paid more to go higher and got this view.

Tokyo is HUGE.  Largest metropolitan area in the world.  Made NYC look like a small town.

We came back down and had a beverage at the base.

Then took the train again.

Brad really fit in well.

And got off in the Ginza area which is like the 5th Avenue of NYC or Southpark of Charlotte (well fancier than Charlotte).

It was time for dinner.  All of the restaurants were in the high rise buildings on one floor.  So we went to one building and we all divided up to get what we each wanted to eat.

I got the thing in the middle with shrimp and beef.

Kevin went to the Italian place with another couple.  Who eats Italian food in Tokyo, Japan?  Kevin.  We ate at the Japanese place.  They gave us bibs.

And they brought out our meals and put them on this hot burner in the middle.  Then you just used the little spatula and scooped some onto your place.  Kept it hot and fresh.  So good.

Then we walked the streets of Tokyo at night.  Glitzy!

Then we did the journey back to Yokohama.  I had taken pictures all along the way so we'd remember which lines we took.

Yeah, that's a subway system.

The place was packed everywhere we went.  It was 9pm on a Friday night at this point.  Everyone was off work, rush hour was over, but the place was crazy.

I love Lush.  It was in the Yokohama train station!

Krispy Kreme?!  We all got one for dessert.  Haha!

Back at the port was this crazy wooden city.

One last picture of Yokohama.

Saturday, May 3rd, we got off the boat and they bussed us to the Tokyo airport for a 11.5 hour flight back to Dallas.  Kevin and I didn't sleep a wink on that flight (A LOT of Solitaire).  We had to stay up so we'd attempt to get back on Eastern Time.  By the time we landed in Charlotte, it was 2:30pm but we felt like it was 2:30am on Sunday.  A 12 hour time difference is substantial. 

We were mostly back to normal by Tuesday or so.  Lots of laundry and chaos later, our life was back to normal.  I traveled for work that week and then we went to Mexico that following Saturday.  I've already told you about that. 

Okay back to reality.  Have I mentioned how much I love our house and where we live?  We're so lucky to live in the good ole USA.  I'm thankful for the amazing experience we had, but I like America.


  1. "but I like America" haha that is a hilarious end to this adventure!!!

    Thanks for doing all these recaps!

  2. I love everyone giving peace signs! I think you and Kevin should start the trend in NC.

    And Tokyo looks soooo clean! SO much more so than NYC, or really any American city I have been in!