Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 3 - Part 3 - Great Wall Party and After Party

Yes, Day 3 was quite a long one!  This was Thursday, April 24th.

This post includes something amazing that Kevin's company did and it also includes a crazy story of something I did.

They bussed us from where we went up the great wall about 300 yards to the site of the tent that they built.  Crazy!

Check this menu out...

We had dinner or so we thought but that was really only appetizers.  Umm ok.

The one thing Kevin liked.

Then of course they provided even more entertainment.

As it got darker out, it was really pretty with all of the lighting.  I needed it to get dark outside...I was so nasty from one million steps.

See, we even all had a plate of desserts.  We thought dinner was over.

Kung Fu Fighting!

But then dinner came out haha!

These ladies were amazing dancers.

Check check those fingernails.

Okay so this is really special.  The Great Wall has only been lit at night 3 times in the past five years.  And of course Kevin's company got them to light it.  CRAZY!

It was so pretty.  These pictures don't even do it justice.

But we all had a big time.

And were on the last bus back to the hotel.

So we were on the bus ride home and my friend Sarah (below) had to go to the bathroom SO incredibly badly.  You know when it's painful and you may die?  Yes.  Well she asked the bus driver to stop in the middle of Beijing chaotic traffic and she got off.  I ran after her and yelled to Kevin and Benjy to meet us in the lobby of our hotel.  Thankfully I had the business card of the hotel in my purse.  

I'm still not sure why the guys let us get off but she was in such pain and I felt so badly for her.  The bus driver told us to go to some hotel.  She didn't make it there...bushes instead!  TMI.  So then we had to get back to the hotel.  We had NO CLUE where we were.  It was 10:30 at night and so much traffic...bumper to bumper.  And all of the cabs had people in them.  It was insane.  

I told her we should just start walking towards the hotel so we did.  After a couple of blocks and I'm sure a lot of crazy looks from the locals, we spotted a pedi-cab.  We showed him the hotel card and he pulled out his calculator to tell us how much.  We hopped on that thing so quickly.  And the boy took us to the hotel and not to murder us!  This was in the back of the pedi-cab.

We arrived at the hotel bar and those crazy boys of ours didn't even have drinks for us.  That was quickly changed.

Then our whole group got in cabs and went to a club that the concierge told us to go to.  Yeah because that was smart.  And we don't do clubs.  But we did that night!

Even crazier, the girls went in the first cab and we just stood in the parking lot and prayed that the boys would be quickly behind us.  They were, thankfully.

We broke it down in that Chinese club.  I bet those Chinese people thought we were nuts.  We were on the stage going nuts.  They just stared at all of us.  It was a sight!

We had been at the Forbidden City and hiked the Great Wall that day...with no shower afterward.  I looked like a disaster but who cared?!

This would be how I had to enter the bathroom.  I had to squat yall.  OMGGGGGGGG.  See previous posts on this.  Thankfully I was under the influence and my friend Kim coached me through it.  I thought I was going to be sick.

Crazy Americans!

An amazing day and night!!!


  1. Your hubby works for an amazing company, it sounds like! I mean who can get the Chinese to light the Great Wall up?! ha Sounds like a super fun day!

  2. Holy Moly!!! What a post! The pedicab is hysterical.
    I can't imagine the red tape Allstate had to go through to have that party on the Great Wall. We wanted to film something there(an executive) and it was going to be a major ordeal. Paperwork, permits and money galore.

  3. I'm LOVING all these recaps! And you'll have to email me about my similar HAVE TO PEE OR I WILL DIE experience.... during my wedding weekend #klassy

  4. That's so neat that they got the wall lit up!! Food, food, FOOD! the desserts look good!

  5. Your club attire was amazing :) The Wall lit up is so cool! Looks like such a blast!

  6. That looks like so much fun, minus the interesting bathrooms. Amazing about the Great Wall! Seriously, such a once in a lifetime experience.

  7. That tent and the wall all lit up looks amazing!!!

  8. Such a cool event...I love all the lighting!! You were well fed, too--how do Chinese people stay so tiny? Ha!