Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 6 - Part 1 - Shanghai City Tour

Sunday morning we had to be up at the crack of dawn to go on a City Tour of Shanghai.  We didn't HAVE to go but why wouldn't we?

You can tell, it was really exciting.  Haha.

No, but it really was.  We saw a ton.

It's so sad how these people live. We are so fortunate to live where we do.  They must not have dryers because they all had clothes hanging out to dry...everywhere we went.

Next stop was the Silk Market.  This was pretty cool.

 They taught us about how silks are made.  

Then we got to buy silks.  Now that our family has received their goodies, I can share - we got silk pillowcases and silk pouches for makeup or whatever.  Just lil things for fun.

Then we went to THE Buddhist Temple.  What an experience this was.  They light those sticks and bend up and down in prayer.

I felt guilty taking a picture.


Then they took us upstairs to the tea room and we got to sample all kinds of teas.  Kevin spent $50 USD in hopes they will make him lose weight.  They told him it would.  We shall see haha.

Then, they took us to this amazing place called Mr. & Mrs. Bund.  It was on the Bund which is the big waterfront area in Shanghai.

This was the lobby of the building the restaurant was in.

Our security was everywhere.

Lunch was out of this world.  Probably my top two favorite meal over there.

Printed menu, by all means.

Those orchids were perfect.

Appetizers.  So authentic.

Wine included.

Back to the buses.

This was the building where the restaurant was.

Flower wall at the waterfront.

Then they took us to Old City.  This place was slammed with people.  But it was so real and the way they live, I loved seeing it.  

We were immersed in the culture.  My favorite part of a new city...seeing the real deal.

We stopped in a jade and pearl shop.  

This place was an absolute zoo.

Kevin got so far ahead of me.  I just kept looking for that peach hat.

And then there were gardens in the middle of Shanghai.

Back to the cruise ship at 5:10pm.  Had to be ready for a Gala by 5:30pm.  Yeah.....


  1. My anxiety kicked into overdrive looking at those pictures of the crowds -- but you're totally right that getting into the thick of things is the way to really see a new culture. Can't wait for gala pics!

  2. The gardens are beautiful. The food looks amazing as always.

  3. Wow! Lots of peeps for sure... I'm just not sure I would have been down with the food over there.
    Did Kevin like that meal?
    You'll have to keep us updated on that tea :)