Wednesday, April 30, 2014

J. Crew Shorts

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with J. Crew's 4" shorts.  The 3" are too short for this 30+ year old and the 4" ones seem perfect.  

Throw them on with a plain tee, add a fun necklace and a dressy pair of sandals and you have a cute summer outfit!  I tend to wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts in the Spring to transition!

I wear my white shorts constantly.  Well, I did until they got put in a beach bag with Kevin's wet Rainbow sandals.  Even bleach didn't do anything for them.  But thankfully I was able to get a pair of Lilly scalloped ones to replace these.

Do you all even wear shorts?  I know some girls do and some don't.  I get too hot in the summer not to wear them!


  1. I love the 4" shorts. I'm too tall for the 3" ones!

  2. I don't wear them. Well, very very rarely! Maybe 3 times the whole summer. I just hate my legs in shorts.

  3. I recently switched over to the 4" inseam too! The 3" is just a little too short - especially when I'm eventually going to be a mommy while wearing them. I've also been added the diamond monogram over the pocket. Loooove that!

  4. I sometimes wear shorts, but I live in dresses during the summer too!

  5. Other than my running shorts - which I wear in public as little as humanly possible - I probably haven't worn shorts in at least 3 years. I have gotten to the points with horrible veins and cellulite that I just can barely even look at my own legs - let alone subject anyone else to them!

    So.... time for a run. Or twenty. Ha.

  6. Wait..what!? When did they start making 4 inch?? Forever I felt torn, because the 3 inch were a bit on the short side, especially once they wrinkled up and the 5 inch were awkwardly long on me. That being said I made the switch to Lilly Callahans a few years ago. I love those, but they don't come in as many colors...I am so excited for this news, haha!