Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Five on Friday!  A couple girls asked me for my ideas on gifts for Mother's Day so here are some things I've given in the past!

1.  Any kitchen towel from Pamela Cassidy Designs!  She has a design to suit anyone!  These are special towels that are perfect to spiffy up any kitchen!

2.  My Mom's top request...a Talbots gift card.  I usually try to pair a gift card with something a bit more personable!

3.  A manicure/pedicure at your Mom's favorite place.  Take the time to call her hometown spa and have them send you a certificate.  Or maybe you could make a homemade card that says the next one is on you and you can coordinate it with the spa so your Mama just gets to enjoy herself!

4.  A magazine subscription - not all of our Mom's read on their tablets.  What about Southern Living, Martha Stewart or Coastal Living?  They are pretty for the coffee table too!  Magazine subscription - the gift that keeps on giving!

5.  Maybe you're lucky enough to live in the same town as your Mama.  They all like fresh flowers and one that they can even plant in their yard one day?  Sounds perfect to me!  Or if they live out of town, maybe the local florist could have one delivered to her the Saturday before Mothers Day!  Orchids are another gorgeous option!

6.  Even thought it's Five on Friday, I'll keep going...
This is one of my very favorite gifts to give and receive!  And especially this scent!

7.  My Mom would more than likely tell me that her favorite gift would be a simple card or a phone call.  

8.  A new spring wreath!

9.  A clutch for her to use when she goes out to dinner or brunches with friends!  PS - South Moon Under is my go-to for clutches.

10.  Anything monogrammed - a new robe, shower wrap, tray, pitcher, pillow for outdoor furniture, doormat.

Most of all, just be thankful you're a Mom, you have a Mom, Mom-In-Law, Step-Mom, Grandmother etc still here today!


  1. Those towels and clutches are adorable! Happy Friday!

  2. These are AWESOME ideas! I *love* that Williams Sonoma set and the scent. So fresh and light!

    I've totally cracked the code on calling the local florist instead of one of the nationwide chains/websites. The flowers are fresher, you get more for your dollar, and you're supporting a local small business.

    My hometown is SO small that I actually called one of the farms in town to send my mom a pot of Mums a year or so ago. They don't deliver, but since I grew up with the girl who answered the phone, she drove them over herself after her shift

  3. My mom says the same thing "I just want to see you", which is a little hard to wrap as a gift. I love that tea towel, anything with crabs is golden.

  4. Great ideas! Thanks for putting this together!