Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Nieces Visit!

These pictures all crack me up.  I love my nieces! 

Sarah and I (it was a rough day on Friday hence my appearance)

My SIL Emily brought them up to Charlotte from Pawleys Island, SC and they got here just before 6 on Friday night.  Tara came over to see Emily and the girls and we all ordered pizza and chatted.  Then Mills was in my wedding dress thanks to an imaginative sista in law.

The next morning Anna Kate did some work from Kevin's home office.

While Kevin and Sarah snuggled!

Then I took Anna Kate to Discovery Place kids, Target, Party City, Chick Fil A, Petsmart and to paint pottery at Dish it Out.  We had such a fun day.

We played in the yard when we got home and she had a big time racing our next door neighbor's boys around.  And sitting on Mills.

The five of us went to Highway 55 for dinner.  Casual and fun for the girls.

Then it was TCBY time so Anna Kate could have her third ice cream of the day and Sarah could have her second!  They are only with their Aunt and Uncle ever so often!

Home Goods was next on the list.  AK for Anna Kate and the K for Kevin.  Two peas in a pod!

Girlfriend tried on every pair of shoes in the shoe aisle of Marshalls.  Love her but maybe not her taste in these shoes. ;)


Anna Kate painted a wreath when we got home and they had a humongo jacuzzi bubble bath!

Mills hung with his ATM!

This was Sunday:  one tired pooch dead asleep.

And two tired lil girls on their way home!

I miss you all so much!  Come back to Charlotte ASAP!


  1. Such a fun weekend! They're precious :)

  2. Awww what a fun, special time!!

  3. aw, you and Kevin are going to be such amazing parents! The girls are beyond adorable, and that looks like me in the shoe aisle at Marshall's too-haha : )

  4. That was so sweet of you! They're gorgeous!
    - Linda, ny

  5. What a fun and jam packed weekend! Mills' face while in your dress is priceless!

  6. So cute. Love how the pups and the kiddos were zonked! Xx.

  7. What a fun weekend! They are two darling little girls and it looks like you guys spoiled them all weekend long! So cute!

  8. Adorable. Glad you all had fun!

  9. They are going to love visitng you and Kevin!!! Such a fun weekend!

  10. Best weekend ever!! They are too cute! Love the shoes picture!