Friday, April 25, 2014

Five On Friday - Top 5 States

Today I thought it'd be fun and random to list my top five states and why!

1.  Hawaii - my favorite place.  We want to go back yesterday!  Our honeymoon was too perfect!  It is unreal that this is in the United States!

2.  Maryland - thankful I was able to grow up here.  I received a good education, grew up in a nice family town and close to the beach/river/bay!

3.  North Carolina - I really do love living here.  I don't know much different though, other than Maryland.  I've been in North Carolina for 14 years now and I was in Maryland for 17.  That is crazy that I've almost lived in NC as long as I was in MD.

4.  California - Kevin and I had a wonderful time when we went there a few years ago and my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins lived there so I visited when I was younger.  

5.  South Carolina - this is also a state that is near and dear to me.  My brother, SIL and nieces live in Pawleys Island, we've had some amazing times in Charleston and got engaged in Hilton Head.  

Tell me your favorite states and why!  I may have to add them to our places to visit!


  1. I grew up right outside of DC so I love the DC area including suburban VA and MD. I also love the Delaware beaches (Rehoboth and Bethany), Massachusetts (Boston is so charming!), and now NYC! I really need to visit the South more, South Carolina is on my list!!

  2. Such a fun list! SC, NC, and Maryland would all be in my top 5 too. Honestly not sure what my other two would be.

  3. MD obviously :) Love NY too!

  4. Ohhhh fun!!

    Illinois, Wisconsin (Yes, seriously!!), California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts!

  5. VA is definitely one of my faves, as is Florida since my family lives there! Have you ever been to Sanibel? It feels like a tropical island in the Caribbean, but it is in between Naples and Fort Myers! If you're ever looking for a quiet, low-key getaway, I highly recommend it!