Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Oh how I love seeing all of the Easter pictures on Facebook, Instagram and blogs.

We had a big Easter weekend.  My office closes Friday and Monday for the holiday...we are churchy.

Friday Mills and I hung out in the midst of doing 1,000 things.

My friend Sarah came over to meet Mills then we went to Dean and Deluca for lunch!

When I got home, my Mom had struck again.  Easter goodies!  Tie frame for Kevin and bunny hand towel and pink/yellow necklace for me.

Friday night we went out with Benjy and Sarah.  He's also an agent and they were on the trip last year with us.  They got engaged at the Eiffel tower..remember?!  We are looking forward to traveling with them again soon!

Now, for the kiddo pictures!  Brooks...isn't he adorable?!

Here is our child on Easter Eve.  He watched some of his Golden friends on TV.  Please ignore the wires...they will be hidden as soon as we can decide on a paint color for our room (they drive me crazy!). 

Easter morning waiting patiently as my brother and I once did.

Of course the EB visited Mills.  He's been a very good boy this year!

"Oh Mama and Daddy - those eggs smell like they have goodies in them!"

We went to Kevin's parent's church and their club with them.

Little Kendall was cute as can be!

My brother and his family down in Pawleys Island.

Sarah and Anna brother's girls.

Sarah didn't mind the EB, Anna Kate on the other hand has never been a fan.

Hope you all enjoyed the time with your families!  I missed being with my parents for the second year in a row but I'm thankful to have Kevin's parents in town who treat me just like their own daughter!  


  1. Love the pictures (and your dress!) My parents gave my husband and I an Easter basket too ;)

  2. Such cuties (the girls, Mills, and you!)

  3. Love all the Lilly!!! Happy Easter!

  4. Kevin on the bunny's lap is hysterical. Mom bought Jax a dog bone for Easter, I forgot. He did go on an extra long walk!