Friday, April 4, 2014

Five On Friday - Kansas City and Other

I went somewhere different this week!  This will be a new deal for us and I was excited to check out a city where I'd never been...Kansas City, MO.  I had read Erin's post about how she went to Gram and Dun for dinner and would you believe that our broker had made reservations for us there too?!  I was so excited.

The patio was perfect for an after work beverage!  And we moved inside for an amazing dinner.  The broker brought his fiance so it wasn't just me and the guys!  Fun!

Had the best cocktail before dinner - a Ginger Rogers. Cross between a gin & tonic and a mojito.  Yum!

Mills got a lil treat from Kansas City....

He watches Kevin and I get ready every morning just like this.

Gorgeous flowers in Southpark this week!


  1. One of my best Frieda is in Kansas City right now. She sent us a picture of a cows utter that as hanging in a restaurant. Ha

  2. We went to Kansas City last year and had a great time. Camden pouts when we get ready in the morning too. I wish even a small part of my yard looked like Southpark.

  3. I've never been to the KC but here it's awesome! Love those flowers!

  4. I have never been to KC but might have to plan a trip just to try that Ginger Rogers! Or find a bartender in Boston to recreate it! Happy Friday! -M

  5. Looks like you were here on Monday - which was a gorgeous day. The rest of the week not so much - and how awesome is 3 dog bakery?!

  6. Both Brady and I are jealous of Mills' bed. That thing looks so comfy! Happy anniversary weekend!!