Friday, August 23, 2013

Monte Carlo Day 2 - Beach Club

Friday morning came early since we were out until 4am the night before.  Around noon, we rolled out of bed and went searching for Bojangles.  But they don't have that in Monte Carlo, haha!

Here is a view of our hotel while we looked for the Monte Carlo McDonalds.  I speak the truth.

And we found it.  Talk about a McDonalds with a view.  This food is just what the doctor ordered that day my friends.  We had to order from kiosks because we didn't speak French.  It was especially entertaining when Kevin asked for more ketchup.  He ended up just showing them the package.  Coke Light is not the same as Diet Coke to me so I got Sprite.  Sprite with no ice is just not normal but they don't believe in ice over there.  They also don't believe in air conditioning or ceiling fans.  

We went back to our hotel.....

And napped more.  I know, how dare we waste a day but we had so much fun the night before that it was worth it.  

Then it was time to get ready for the evening festivities.  Before we knew it, coach buses were pulling up and taking us all to the Monte Carlo Beach Club.  

These girls were in these large clear beach balls.  They'd wave their flowy fabric to make the confetti go everywhere.  It was crazy.  I mean who thinks to have these things?!  It's crazy!

The swordfish was out of this world.  That's basically all I ate.

Oh the sushi was good too.

This was our shared plate.

Kevin, Benjy and the CEO of their company.

When the sun went down, it was gorgeous.

Fancy desserts.

Then those girls got out on the pool!

And the lights that were around them changed colors.

It was such a fun night!

The next night's activity was even more crazy!


MHM1314 said...

I went to a crazy pool party like that once during an internship in college -- they had "MERMAIDS" -- girls with actual freaking tails hanging out all around the pool and up in gigantic martini glasses around it. It was so over the top and amazing :)

MCW said...

Can you imagine if that was your job? Get inside of a plastic bubble and roll around? How odd.

I want to work where Kevin works. or marry someone who works where Kevin works.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

That looks like it was SO much fun and all that food...yum! I can't get over the McDonalds view. Happy Friday. xx

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a fun night! Those girls in the giant balls are crazy, though. I can't even imagine haha!

Can I come work for Kevin when I graduate haha? Love your dress, by the way!

Leslie said...

That food looks so amazing, and the entertainment so unique! I love your dress; is it Lilly? The elephant print is just so cute.

Portuguese Prepster said...

looks like so much fun! My grandparents house in Portugal doesn't have air conditioning and it is excruciating during the Summer! The no ice thing is something I have never understood haha! I always get weird looks when I ask for it in Portugal

Dee Stephens said...

I'm with MCW. I want to work there or get invited to events and trips like that. GHEESH!


Love your dress. Wow the girls in the bubbles were interesting!

Anonymous said...

What a trip! You definitely should brag on Kevin- it's an amazing achievement to win such a vacation. Can't wait to read about the rest.