Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Walking to the Reception

I knew that I wanted us to walk from the church to the reception (3 blocks).  I just thought that it'd produce some great picture taking opportunities.  

Here we are with the Avenue in the background....where we met and lived for 5 years (separately of course!).  

It was a fun stroll through uptown with our favorite people.

And at the corner of Trade and Tryon, I yelled, "We just got marrrrrried!!!"  It was a follow up from the night before when I yelled, "I'm getting married tomorrow!"  Hey, you only do it once, so why not?!

More pictures still coming.....!  Hope you all aren't getting too bored of them!


  1. Loving the pictures of you all walking to the reception. Your dress is gorgeous. xx

  2. Love!! If you were from Louisiana and had gotten married in the Quarter you would have had a 2nd line band walk with you. Several of the weddings I've been in did that even in Baton Rouge. WOOT!

  3. Love these! Your pictures turned out just beautifully and you look fantastic.

  4. So cute! I love the idea of walking from the ceremony to the reception. :)

  5. Hi Annie-
    We don't know each other- hope you don't mind that I read your blog! I am a blogaholic- and have enjoyed reading about your wedding & new house!

    Would you mind sharing where your mom's dress came from? My sister is getting married in the fall & we are looking for my mom- I think she would love it.

    Thanks so much.

  6. I really like these pictures!!! They turned out so fun!!! It would be a blast to walk through with your dress!!!

  7. I'm loving all of your pictures! I'll most likely be getting married in Charlotte (whenever my boyfriend feels like proposing) and I love seeing how/where you did it!

  8. I'm sure y'all were turning lots of heads!

    How cool to be be walking distance from the church!