Thursday, June 20, 2013

Currently NEEEEEED!

These are all items I NEEEED! 
Tory Burch Amazing Heels. Look at that heel yall!  Simplistic and classic!  These aren't really necessary but the next two items are.
Alright I'm going to be up front and honest on these next two.  I wear these flops CONSTANTLY.  And the two pair that I own are literally hanging by shreds.  I really love these because they're dressy with work outfits while on the road but I can throw them on with an outfit at home and dress it up. 
And I may have sent Kevin an email tonight telling him about a similar pair, but Kev, you can just click this link right here.  HA, in my dreams!
And the next thing that I really might just have to buy (very soon!) is a new pair of jeans.  Mine have holes in them from excessive wear.  I wear jeans a couple times a week and on the weekend.  And if you all are like me, anything that touches an airplane gets washed ASAP.  So these babies have been through the ringer and are worn out.  Here is the link to my go-to jeans.  You can consult me for my size! ;)
Tell me what you NEEEEED!


  1. I was on the TB site today and had to get off before I bought everything... it's like cuteness overload over there. xx

  2. I have the Tory Burch flip flops and I love them!!! Erica