Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Dances and Toasts

Most of these pictures are self explanatory!  But I'll comment here and there...

We danced to Better Together by Jack Johnson.  Friends of ours that we sorta met through (Wendy and Josh) got married in Mexico and Kevin and I booked that trip the week we started dating.  This was their first dance too and we loved it!

The picture has a lot of my co-workers in it on the right side.

The flower girls and ring bearer.  SO cute!!!

I told Dad to pick the song we would dance to and he chose I Loved Her First by Heartland.  Okay I can't talk about it because I'm already getting teary thinking about it!

Dad wrote the nicest and most genuine toast.  It talked a lot about how I've always counted everything in my life and he talked about the number of steps from the back of the church to the alter!

Here here!

And Reverend Catley gave the blessing.

Then Nathan at City Club said, "The food is ready (I don't think "ready" is the right word here but I can't think of it!), the drinks are flowing and the dancing continues!"  I loved that line when we were planning and told him he had to say it at our reception!


  1. What about Kevin's dance with his Mom?

  2. Love your first dance pictures! I hope that first one is framed in your house somewhere!!

  3. We danced to Better Together too! That is our song. So funny! I didn't know so many people knew of it.

  4. These pictures are gorgeous. I got a little teary when you were talking about your daddy! I am such a daddy's girl too.

  5. Love the picture of your dad and mom while he's giving the toast!