Monday, June 10, 2013

Lauren's Wedding Weekend!

What a weekend!  Lauren is married!

There are a lot of pictures in this post but each one is worth looking at, I promise!

Friday the bridesmaids luncheon was held at Charlotte City Club!  It was wonderful as usual!  Everyone had whatever variation of regular or Caesar salad with salmon or chicken on top.  Lauren gave us a gold necklace with our initials on it, it's gorgeous and I'll be wearing it this week!

Rehearsal that evening was at Myers Park Presbyterian!

And the dinner was at The Duke Mansion.

Cocktail hour.

Shrimp and grits!

Lauren's family!

Her sisters giving their toast!

Lauren and Andrew!

Natalie and I - our dresses are so similar!  Hers is Lilly and mine is Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day and the girls were so pretty!


This picture should be in a magazine!

The beautiful church!

Reception was at Myers Park Country Club.  The perfect venue!

This was at the entrance.  Putting wine and champagne out always helps alleviate the bottleneck at the bars when everyone first arrives.

I LOVE her cake.  Probably favorite one I've seen!  Very classy!

Kim and Marcus.

First dance.

Derek and Natalie - they are getting married in October!

Tara and I.

Kevin and Everette = double trouble!

The band was awesome.  It's called Fantasy.

Twin brothers breaking it down!

Parents of the bride!

I love this picture of the four of us!

Such a sweet couple!

She went to South Carolina, he went to Clemson.

And they were off!

Selwyn was such a good idea...not!  Haha!  It was fun though, I'm glad we went.

I just did not deserve to be there at that point.  

Good times!

Cheers to Lauren and Andrew!  Enjoy honeymooning in San Fran and the Napa Valley!


  1. Looks FABULOUS! Congrats to Lauren! What a beautiful couple and wedding! Love your dresses! Now if only I could come over again, drink champagne and look at all your new clothes... I MISS YOU!

  2. WOW!! Everything is so fancy! Impressive! We honeymooned in SF and Napa too! Heading back there in September! :)

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! I especially love the cake. You are right - so classy!

  4. Aw, Lauren looks more gorgeous than I have EVER seen her, and that says a lot! The dress and veil are to die for. Gorgeous train on that dress!

  5. Wow, classy wedding!!! So pretty and such fancy venues, too!!

  6. I went to law school with Andrew's twin brother, Doug!!

  7. Love the whole post! You did a great job capturing the whole weekend :)

  8. I love your dress! Where did you find it? The color really suits you and I love the shoulder.

    It's so fun to see the same Charlotte venues used in different ways. We had my bridesmaids luncheon at the Duke mansion. I love city club but have never been there for any daytime events. All of your wedding posts are making me long for a Charlotte wedding, but I don't think I know anyone in town getting married this year.

  9. First off, I LOVE that sparkly yellow dress one of your friends was wearing at the rehearsal!

    Second...a big WOW to the bride's veil and cake! So gorgeous to both!