Sunday, June 23, 2013


Happy Anniversary to my parents!  They've been married 40 years and are the example of a perfect marriage. 

Let's get real sappy here.  They are high school sweethearts.  I don't know what year they started dating but let's say they were 17 and 18 to be conservative.  That means they've been together for 46 years.  Oh I think I just gave away their age...oops! ;)

Kevin and I feel very fortunate:  his parents have been married for 41.75 years, so together both of our sets of parents have been married for 81.75 years!  Holy moley!  

And if you add in my sister in law's parents you can make that well over 120! 

Three examples of HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!


  1. aww so sweet!! congrats to them and wishing them many moreeee

  2. It's my parents 41st today! Yayee to both of their examples!

  3. happy anniversary to your parents!

  4. Lasting love totally humbles me... happiest wishes to them on this anniversary!! xo

  5. My parents are getting close to 30's definitely an inspiration!