Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Reception Part 1

I'm going to break the reception pictures into three posts even though there aren't a ton that I like enough to post.  But here they are!

Isn't Amelia adorable?  Such a carefree child!

My Mom and her brother dancing.  This is a special picture for a lot of reasons.  Mom has had a lot of health issues over the years and wasn't able to dance much at my brother's wedding (she was in a wheelchair at the time) and my Uncle beat a really advanced case of melanoma thanks to some amazing doctors in San Francisco.  They were both here and dancing together.  So cool.

Wish Mom was showing those teeth.  Maybe she already knew I was mad at the photographer.  Haha.

Oh someone asked about Mom's dress but I couldn't reply because their email address isn't linked.  A bridal shop in Charlotte called Hayden Olivia put this ensemble together for her (they were excellent to work with by the way).  The material is all from Coren Moore.  Mom had them remake the jacket, they ordered her extra fabric and the seamstress made the skirt and the top bodice was made by Modern Trousseau out of Charleston.  It's quite the custom outfit!  But she looked good and most importantly felt special in it and by golly your daughter only gets married once!!!!

Father daughter bond!

Do you all do any special sorority traditions?  We had a layer of red velvet in our wedding cake and then my girls sang Shades to me.  It was special!

Love them!

Then we always dance to We Are Family!

I'll be back with parts two and three soon!


  1. That's cool about your Mom's dress. My Mom did a similar thing. Bought her dress at Atlanta market then had a jacket custom made for it.
    As far as sorority and fraternity traditions Brad was weird and didn't want to do any of it. His guys were really peeved about it! LOL! Honestly, I don't think the girls at my wedding could have even remembered the song that we use to sing b/c we're so old!! LOL!!!

  2. Love that y'all sang Shades. We actually forgot to sing it at mine! Thankfully we did get a group pic together though. I never heard about doing a layer of red velvet as a nod to Chi O, but I had one, too! :)

  3. That reception venue is just stunning. I love the yellow with the white touches. You can tell you had a fun reception by the fact that the dance floor stayed full!

  4. Love seeing all the wedding pics...keep um coming! xx

  5. I don't think I'll do any ADPi songs but I am REQUIRING my sisters who attend to do a 'diamonds' picture :)

  6. It looks so fun! I love the picture of your mom and uncle, and it looks like you had such a great time with your sorority sisters!

  7. Love seeing all of the pics! Did you see you were featured on Lula Kate's FB page today?

  8. I LOVE the Chi O wedding traditions, Shades is so special, and I love the idea of having a layer of red velvet cake! LICO!

  9. Great images!! You guys had lot of fun. I think the most tricky thing about wedding budgets is that nobody likes to talk about it as well as organize  best bachelorette party nyc.