Monday, June 24, 2013

Out, Yardwork, Bday and Sunday

We had such a fun weekend.  On Friday night I came home and Kevin had done all of the yardwork I was suppose to help him with that afternoon.  Talk about a nice husband haha!

We had Tony come grab us and we went to Cosmos for dinner on the patio (and listened to a couple people sing/play guitar) then walked over to a new place called Bradshaws.  They had a live band and we really liked the place.  Then we went back to Cosmos and danced a little which was funny!

Saturday morning we got started on the yardwork.  We have basically been cleaning out our backyard which has not been done since umm EVER.  It has moldy leaves and trash from when the land was a nursery way back when.  So we have finished the backyard cleaning up and now we just need to get our plan together for what we are going to leave natural area and what we're going to plant grass in.  Cutting down 4 trees is also in the plan so grass will actually grow. 

We had a break and Kevin made these yum BLTs.  I love yellow tomatoes.  He also used a mayo/sour cream/rosemary spread that he created.  

He burned everything we picked up and I bagged the rest.  PS we aren't allowed to burn things in our neighborhood so shhh don't tell.

Saturday night we went to Nakatos to celebrate Kevin's Mom's and Brother's birthdays.  Yum!

They came back to the house.  Kendall loves Mills and Mills loves Kendall.  She climbed all over him and he just laid there.  

Sunday morning my friend Kimmy came over and we walked the neighborhood.  I think it ended up being 4.5 miles.  We had some mimosas and looked at wedding pictures afterwards.  Of course Mills got all of the attention!

Kevin's brother, SIL and niece came over Sunday afternoon and we all headed to the pool.  We had high intentions of grilling out but ordering pizza was just easier.  We hadn't heard from Kevin and Kendall in awhile and we went in the bedroom and found them like this.  PRESCH.  Yall think Kevin may want a baby at some point?!!  HA!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I'm looking forward to a productive work week!  


  1. Looked like a great weekend! Those BLT's look need to share that spread!

    Also, I NEED that skirt! It is SO darling!

  2. This sounds like such a nice relaxing weekend. Especially Dinner at Nakato's. I have not been to Hibachi like that in too long. So yummy!

  3. Mills is so adorable! I love Nakato's and am seriously craving some Hibachi!

  4. I was going to say. Looks like Kevin is ready for a baby. He looks enamored. Hysterical about all the burning. Sounds like Brad.

  5. Twinkling ovaries at Kevin's cute cuddle nap. That is seriously so adorable!!!

  6. TOO CUTE! And that BLT looks simply amazing.

  7. LOL! I think Kevin might want a baby at some point. What a great weekend!

  8. You look so pretty in that picture with your fam...I love your hair pulled back like that!