Monday, June 17, 2013

Fish Camp, Yard, Father's Day

I told everyone we had plans this weekend.  Because we did.  And that was to CHILL and do what Kevin and I wanted to do.  Very necessary.

Friday night we had plans with Dave and Jenn and Kevin's parents.  It was high time this happened.  We have been talking about going to the fish camp with Dave and Jenn for forever.  And on Friday night, we did.

The vertical pictures aren't working in this post today.  The pictures look smooshed.

Oh yeah, really quality haha!

Saturday morning we put together our modular bar from Pottery Barn.  We initially were going to put it on our porch but decided that since it isn't temperature controlled, it wouldn't be a good idea.  We actually like it better in our den.  This reminds me I've never done a house tour.  I'll get on that soon.  For now, ignore the tag on the right side of this...we have to take this piece back - it's darker and deeper than the other three and wobbles.  I want to get a mirror to hang above this.

Mills had a big morning out, we took him to the local Farmer's Market, to his grandparents and to the vet.  Anytime he goes to the vet, he gets a bath when he gets home.  I use the hose in the back yard to clean him these days!  He hates getting those initial squirts from the hose but when he realizes he's going to get attention for the next 10 minutes, he doesn't mind.

We did a ton of yard work on Saturday.  I RoundUp'd the whole yard, Kevin trimmed bushes and did other stuff.  Our yard still looks awful but if you saw how it looked when we moved in, you'd know we've done a ton of work.

We had supervision.

Along both sides of the fence, there was nasty old brush and rotten leaves.  Kevin got all of that up.  It looked awful but is SO much better.  We are working on a plan for our backyard.  We may have to cut some trees down to get grass to grow or we may leave some of it a natural area.  Before we plant grass we have to put in an irrigation system.  

We do know one thing - our yard is the worst in the neighborhood, BUT it looks much better than it did when we moved in.  We're working on it homeowner's association (aka the people that keep sending us letters to make it better!). 

Saturday night Kevin and I had a much deserved date night out.  Our boy Tony came and grabbed us and we went to Ilios Noche for dinner.  We had a drink at the bar beforehand then had dinner.  Ilios Noche is part of the same group of owners as Nolen Kitchen and Mavericks.  

Sunday morning I got up and walked Mills and painted the mailbox (you'll see in the last picture of this post) then we went to church and brunch at their club with Kevin's parents for Father's Day.

We took naps Sunday afternoon (Mills included!) and went over to Kevin's parents for homemade ice cream.  Black Cherry and Pina Colada.  Yum.  Kendall was there and we had fun with her.  I painted her toenails while she watched TV with Kevin.  It's fun being an Aunt and Uncle!

We came home and wrapped up things around the house and got ready for the week.  Again sorry for the smooshed picture.  You can see our shiny mailbox and our newly brasso-ed numbers!  It looks much better!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Love the bar and the new mailbox! Having a real house is a lot of work!

  2. Love that bar! Your mailbox looks great! It sounds like you guys are doing a ton of work! Which Farmer's Market do you go to? We checked out the big one on Yorkmont and got tons of good fruits and veggies.

  3. I love the piece from Pottery Barn! It looks absolutely amazing. Also, the dinner looks like such fun. It's great to be with family!

  4. Such a cute picture of you and Mills! Yardwork is hard, but the end result definitely makes it worth it! :) Love the bar y'all got!