Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Cake and Detail Shots

Today I want to show you all of the detailed shots of our wedding reception!

In the below picture there are a few things to see...the cake obviously, the two champagne flutes are my parents that were given to them by their best friends a long time ago, the silver cake platter we borrowed from the same friends, the monogrammed cocktail napkins we had made (ecru with a gold G) and our silver cake knife which Mom had made from  

For the cake, we really just wanted simplicity!  Honestly I thought we were just having three large coral peonies on top of it but this is how it was.  Oh well.  The layers were vanilla with oreo filling and red velvet with a cream cheese filling, all buttercream on the outside!

We made the bridesmaids bouquets a bit larger than normal so we could reuse them on the tables in the food room.  This worked because noone was in there when the BM's arrived....aka we didn't have empty vases sitting on tables in front of our guests.

This was a gazillion dollar arrangement that Mom insisted on.  I'm actually glad she did because it made a huge statement when you got off the elevator on the top floor of the building.  To add a bit more zaz and to relieve the bar of congestion, we had about 30 glasses of white and red  all around it.

The piano was played during cocktail hour by one of the band members.

I took this picture in my car after I picked up some of our arrangements the day after our wedding.  I'm glad I did because there aren't any other flower pictures.  Like you know, the flower arrangements in the silver rivere bowls that my Mom borrowed from the same friend as the cake stand.  Or the silver mint julep cups full of flowers that were on each cocktail table.  I'm not bitter about my pictures or anything....

This picture has Avenue in the background which is pretty cool.  We didn't get fancy on the chairs or linens because people were only in this room to eat.  And come on, I can't remember a single table linen at any of the 100 weddings I've been to!  Just my opinion!

We had our own cocktail hour and hor'deurves upstairs in our little room with 1,000 candles then were introduced down the staircase!

We cut the cake right away so we didn't interrupt the party later (this was a suggestion by Nathan at City Club).  We are SO glad we did it this way!  After that we went right into the two dances then Dad's welcoming and toast.  Then the party was on for the rest of the night!

Kev was very nice and we had a conversation before the wedding day about how much my makeup cost to get done! ;)

It was tempting to do it to him though....but I didn't!

I like this picture of Kevin looking at me.

The City Club put the koozies where the wine had been for guests leaving!  I thought that worked out perfectly!

So this may help if I explained the venue more.  It's basically a country club on the top two floors of a building in uptown Charlotte.  They have a large ballroom (where the band was), a cocktail hour area in the lobby, we used a smaller room with another different view for cake and coffee and then another large room for the food stations (there aren't any pictures of the dessert room or food room other than the one above in this post - grr).  

So folks were free to walk wherever, whenever and enjoy the view, food, and people!  It worked out really well!

More pictures to come soon!


  1. I love your cake! So classic and pretty! And I really love how you used the BM bouquets as table arrangements. Flowers are so expensive so that was smart thinking! I'm sorry you didn't get all the pictures you wanted from the reception. Frustrating!!

  2. the cake is amazing and I love love love that pic of Kevin looking at you. So adorable!

  3. I like your cake! I DID NOT like the way my cake turned out. It wasn't anything I was overly concerned with but I am with you. Thought it would look different. Love your venue!

  4. Love your cake, and that stairway is spectacular!

  5. That big flower arrangement that the koozies are around is PERFECT! LOVE it!

    I also love your simple cake...down the road, I think I want something fairly simple with just a few flowers too!