Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Furniture

We have been working on finding pieces for our home that we really like.  It's taken some time but we finally pulled the trigger on two things this week!  

First, our patio set.  We wanted something that would really hold up over time and that seated 8.  We ended up with this that seats 6.  The table is large enough that chairs can be pulled up to it though.  We found it at Home Depot.

And we love this bar modular set from Pottery Barn!  We plan to put it on our porch and it'll be perfect to relieve some congestion from things in our kitchen cabinets.  Eventually we may add shelving or something else above it but we'll see.

A big thing my sister in law told us to do before we moved in was to LIVE in your house to see how you use it before making too many investments.  We are so glad we took her advice because our priorities have been different since living there.  

We are always out back so our patio furniture/outdoor living spaces have been priority.  Next year, we are going to rip out our concrete patio that currently exists and replace it with a larger stone or brick one that will have a second seating area in front of an outdoor brick fireplace that we build.  We also are going to figure out what the heck to do to make our backyard have more grass.  Kevin has done a great job of ripping out a ton of ucky brush that had never been touched so now we just need to either cut down some of the trees or do something different.  We'll see.  

Stay tuned for more house updates in the future.  We have some other big purchases that are going to happen this summer!


  1. It is a good idea to live in the house a bit before making decisions on what to do to it. My dad said the same thing about painting. I of course want it all painted before we move in. But he said wait a month or so. Look how each room takes daylight, etc before you go around repainting every room. So my impatient self is going to wait. :)

  2. Can't wait to see it all next month! :)

  3. Love the purchases y'all have made so far!

  4. I love these! We received the same advice when we moved into our apt almost 3 years ago (wow..) and just LIVED for a bit before we started making furniture and decor investments.

    I LOVE that Pottery Barn piece!

  5. I love the thought of furniture shopping bit we need everything so its a little overwhelming. We were also given the same advice to wait and see. My top 3 must haves are: dining room, living room, bedroom suit. Can't wait to see the rest of your picks.

  6. Your sister in law's advice is SO smart! I've never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense!

    Bryce and are hoping to revamp his mud room this summer to make it more functional-- the washer and dryer are in there, but there is NO room for hanging clothes to dry, etc. Until he had me around though (who does LOTS of laundry) we never realized how much the room needed to be changed, haha!