Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Determining Our Date

There is a lot that goes into determining a date for a wedding and until I did it myself, I never knew to not question anyone that is setting a date.  You never know why it is 2 years later or why it is 6 months later.  Just don't ask or judge.  There is a lot that goes into it like......

Kevin and I got engaged in July 2011.  Mom and I immediately got to work on figuring out a church and venue.  We were looking in Maryland where I grew up but there weren't many venues that could handle our size group.  We were also looking in Charlotte and getting last choice on vendors for a May 2012 wedding.  If we are spending this kind of money, I am not getting last choice!

So then there was Summer 2012.  I'm not a fan of million degree weddings and just knew I couldn't get married in the summer.  No offense to anyone that has, we have loved attending but I was not walking around uptown in 100 degree heat in a big ole wedding dress.  Just not what I wanted to do.

Then there is this little event called the Democratic National Convention here in Charlotte in two weeks.  Basically nothing is happening in Charlotte other than this for the next month. 

Fall 2012?  Football season, no thanks.  We are having a couples shower and there was only one Saturday in the entire Fall that would work for our wedding party.  Basically it had to be when NC State or Clemson didn't have a home game.  We have a lot of diehard football fans!

December 2012 - February 2012 - winter weather is hard for folks traveling down from MD.  And I'm not willing to risk people not making it to our wedding because of weather.

March 2013?  Oh no, our church wouldn't let us get married six weeks prior to Easter.  Easter is March 31st. 

So when are we getting married?  The Saturday after Easter - April 6, 2013!!!!  It also happens to be the day before my Dad's birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad, you get rid of me haha!  :)  Joking.  He keeps saying he's not attending our wedding.  It's funny at this point!  He loves Kevin, he just says he'll never give me away.

April 6 is also the same week that Kevin and I started dating in 2009.  So it'll be exactly 4 years which is pretty cool too!  And I always wanted to get married in the Spring. 

Anyway, April 6, 2013 it is!!!  Charlotte determined our wedding date, not us. 


megan said...

Amen for not having a wedding during football season! Especially down here in the south! I was in the middle of a (Clemson) wedding ceremony when South Carolina (my team) beat the #1 ranked Alabama. It took everything I had for me not to jump up and down and scream and shout!
Ha, I am so that girl who is getting married the day before Easter next year. Oops.

Portuguese Prepster said...

haha what a struggle! Glad you finally found a date that worked!

Dee Stephens said...

Fall is my favorite season and I probably would have preferred a Fall wedding in the mountains.
The fact is though... football takes priority b/c people spend a LOT of $$ of season tickets.

We picked Feb. b/c I didn't want to wait until Spring and I love Winter.
Being in a fur coat was awesome :)

mFw said...

I totally understand! One of my dad's best friend's daughters is getting married during football season this year. Its the same day as the Georgia/Mizzou game and Mizzou's first game in the SEC Clearly my dad refuses to miss it so he's not going to the wedding. Everyone has given them so much trouble for having a wedding during football season!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Yay! You're never going to please everyone but as long as your family and besties are there, it will surely be the most amazing day!


Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

BUT ITS COMING UP SOOOOOO FAST! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

Glitterista said...

We were looking at lots of dates, but decided a long weekend would be nice for our guests as almost all of them are traveling from out of state. Our venue had an opening for next Memorial Day weekend, and that just happens to be my parents' 30th anniversary, so the date seemed perfect! Love your date being the same week you started dating.