Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out in NoDa

On Saturday night after Fran's wedding, we went out to Brad's house and then to NoDa for a birthday party.  Busy day!

Here are some of Kevin's oldest friends, all of which are in our wedding!
Kevin, Dan, Brad and Rob
At Soltisce in NoDa.  I loved checking out a new area of town.  We are getting better about leaving uptown, getting out of our bubble and going out elsewhere which has been a really great change!

This is Kevin's business partner Dan, whose birthday it was.  They buy and sell houses together.  He's so funny!

It had been a long day so we cruised back uptown around 11pm and hit the sack. 

Today I got up at 4:30am, got a rental car and I'm heading north for some work.  Checking out some new states with a client this week.  I'm excited about a fresh area to travel to.  Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.  I've been to both WV and KY but never to Ohio.  Should be fun.  We'll end up in Pittsburgh and fly back on Thursday.  Friday I leave for Charleston for the weekend. 

I'm slighly overwhelmed at my next three weeks.  I'll be in Charlotte for a total of 3 whole days and in the middle of the three weeks I have to basically move out of my condo for it to be rented for the DNC.  I'm going crazy!

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  1. Where in Ohio? We're headed there next week.
    Good for you getting out of your bubble!!