Monday, August 13, 2012


Last week I was in PA for work.  On my way down to Maryland, I stopped in Philadelphia for the night and got to have breakfast with Lindsay and her fiance the next morning!  We hadn't seen each other since we had both gotten engaged so it was very fun to finally see each others rings and chat wedding talk!

It's always fun to see old friends and now that we're both in this wedding planning stage of our lives, it is super exciting!  They are getting married less than two months after us! :)

Then I hit the road through a lot of storms to my parents house in Maryland.  Since it was a Friday, I figured instead of spending the day flying back, I'd visit with them.  We went to the Red Roost that night to pick crabs.  It's an old chicken house. 

Crabs and coors light.  Just my parents and I went.  It was really nice to spend quality time with them.

Saturday morning Dad and I were going to run but it was humid and raining.  Instead I went back to sleep and woke up to the smell of Scrapple.  Ah-mazing.

We ate breakfast then I cruised to the airport back to Charlotte.  I walked in and Kevin was vacuuming my floors.  Not sure what got into him but that was mighty nice for him to do unexpectantly!  We went out that night for the Panthers game with a bunch of his friends and my friends.  Always the best! 
Tom, Ken, Brad, Brian, Kevin, David, Rob
 Tara and I.

Me, Erin and Tara

Good times had by all.  Yesterday I did errands in the morning and cleaned up my condo in the afternoon.  I picked up an Etsy order mid day that I can't wait to tell you all about after this weekend!  It's for one of my blog readers so I can't spoil the surprise! 

Did you all have a great weekend?


Jess said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Mine was good too! I started reading the book, Wild, so good! Def recommend if you get a chance.

MCW said...

Crabs, Coors and Scrapple...nothing is better!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Always love hearing about your adventures! you are always on the go!