Monday, August 20, 2012

Fran and Matt's Wedding Weekend

Fran's wedding weekend was an absolute blast and for the most part, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  But there were lots of fun touches that I also must point out!

After their rehearsal dinner at Vivace, they invited most everyone there for a drink afterwards.  It was really nice to see everyone before the actual wedding day and spend time with Fran and Matt!  I think it cut down on the pressure for them to see everyone the next day.  Plus for the out of towners, they got to spend more than 2 hours with her after traveling from far away.  Hmmmm, I really like this idea for our wedding!

The happy couple - Fran and Matt!

Kev and I.

With Jennifer and Erica.  Jen and I went to college together and then I worked with them both right after school too!

Now onto the wedding day!  They had an 11am ceremony then a brunch afterwards at a fancy place in Charlotte called Halcyon.  Fran and Matt met playing tennis, hence the tennis rackets on top of the cake!

They got escorted over by a trumpet from the band!

They are seriously the most adorable couple!

With her Dad -

The gorgeous bride and I!

Kevin and the groom!

Big ole basket of fried chicken!

Almost read to cut the cake!

They brought cookies from Knoxville where Matt grew up.  These things literally melted in your mouth!

Jen and Corey - they live in San Diego now.

Kevin and I out on the patio.  Don't worry Mom, he had his jacket on almost the entire day but it was almost 90 degrees at this point!

How cute are the Tennessee fingers to send them off with?  They were personalized with their last name and date.  He went there, hence all the TN touches.

They stayed the night at the Ritz before leaving for Mexico Sunday morning!

Cheers to you all!  We're so happy you found each other and I just love seeing Fran so happy! 


  1. I love her dress! Its so different and I love the brunch concept too. I've never been to a brunch wedding!

  2. What a beautiful couple! I LOVE her dress and that cake is the cutest - especially with the tennis rackets on top! Looks like you had a blast :)

  3. As I mentioned on Twitter.. her dress is GREAT!
    Love the TN touches!!

  4. I just loveeeeeeee those TN fingers! What a cute touch, and Fran's dresses for both the rehearsal and the wedding are amazingly gorgeous and perfect on her. What a beautiful wedding with so many personal touches. You and Kevin also look great. :)