Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rest of Maryland

Well I haven't blogged in a week.  Oh well guess that happens sometimes.  I haven't really been in Charlotte at all. 

Okay let's catch up on life.  I'm going to schedule some catch up posts for the rest of this week and I think after next Thursday, I'll live in Charlotte again! ;) 

Last Friday night we went to pick crabs.  Here are my silly parents!  Oh boy, it was the first time I had picked crabs since Kevin and I got engaged.  My ring got so orange from all the tasty old bay!  It came off though of course!  It's been like 3 whole weeks since I've had it cleaned so I'm due for a cleaning now anyway!  I know, I'm OCD.

And I don't have any pictures of just Dad and I so I asked Mom to take one of us when we got home from the crabhouse.

And this is the way I roll.  I always get so stuffed that night picking crabs that I keep picking and save my crabmeat.  Totally illegal, you aren't allowed to walk out of there with extra food but that's what crossed arms or a purse is for.  I've done it all my life.  

So I ate my leftover crab the next morning for breakfast.  Well that was breakfast #1.  Breakfast #2 was SCRAPPLE.  Told ya, I'm not normal. 

On to Saturday afternoon.  Mom and Dad took me to Sonic on the way to the airport for my first trip EVER.  Can you believe that?  I've been so sheltered all my life.  My strawberry slush was tasty!  And I tried not to think about the calories in it. 

Next post will cover our trip to Amelia Island, FL!


  1. The crab looks so good! Looks like lots of fun!! Erica

  2. Girl I TOTALLY agree with you about restaurant leftovers! I also may have had a phase in college where me and a few friends would try and leave bars with their glassware. Like, if we were at "Classic Annie Tavern" and they had glasses with a logo printed on it, we'd try and spirit one away in our purses at the end of the night.

    Totally just copped to theft on your blog. Mmmkay.

    Even better, I regularly wrap food/drinks in a sweater or pashmina in my purse if I go to a movie theater.

  3. Crab that's my kind of breakfast! I wish there was a Sonic closer to us...JCW always has to stop on the way to the beach! Happy Friday xx

  4. I love picking crabs. I don't know how you don't eat all the meat while you pick. I need some lessons. I still have never had Scrapple, but I hear it's on the menu for the next time I'm in Maryland. ;)