Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

On Friday night we went to dinner uptown with Kevin's parents at Harvest Moon Grille.  They are thinking of having our rehearsal dinner there in two of the rooms uptown.  I think it'll be a great spot!

Afterwards, we met our friends Jenn, David and Michael at Nix for a bit.  It was actually a really late night!  I still got up the next morning and did my usual Saturday routine - Farmer's Market and grocery store.  Love it.

I prepped dinner and we got ready to take it to Kevin's parents.  Kevin had really been wanting to see his niece so that's what we did (his parents were babysitting her for the evening).  And I took a few things down for dinner - Tortellini Salad, a new corn recipe that I'll have to share, grilled okra (season with olive oil, salt and pepper) and Balsamic Chicken (Balsamic Vinegarette dressing, fresh garlic, salt and pepper). 

Sunday I got up and ran...too hot.  Then a bunch of neighbors went to Vivace for brunch.  Amazing and highly recommend to you Charlotte gals.  They have $10 mimosas, but after your first one, each is a penny!  They might have lost money on us! ;)

That afternoon I headed to the pool until late.  It had cleared out at this point and it was just so calm and low key.  We ordered Basil in and watched the Bachelorette.  Perfect evening.  Don't yall just love Emily and Jef together?!  I do!  And he's moving to Charlotte!

Let the work week commence!


  1. Your Sunday sounds perfect! I love that after the first mimosa, it's just a penny! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I tried to go for a run last week and almost died it was so hot, and in the city all you breathe is car exhaust. Not fun.

    Your niece is adorable! And not a huge fan of Emily, but they do seem like a cute couple.

  3. Kevin looks like he's ready for a baby in that picture! :-)
    Glad Harvest Moon is going to work out!
    It was a GREAT spot for us!

  4. I love Emily and Jef together and I'm so happy to hear they are doing well. Can't wait for the new recipe.

  5. All the food sounds delish! I would love the balsalmic chicken recipe.