Friday, July 13, 2012

Liquid Pleasure

Last night was ladies night out at Press and then Alive After Five to see Liquid Pleasure.  Here we are...Tara refused to get in the picture due to her appearance.  She's funny!
L to R - me, Emily, Kristen, Emily

Then Kevin joined us and crashed ladies night.  We kinda invited him.  We = me.  The girls said it was okay. 

They now have bikes for rental in uptown. 

Then we got to Alive After Five just in time to see Liquid Pleasure start breaking it down. 

They had on their purple sparkly jackets this time.  Last AA5, they were wearing blue sparkles.  Nice!  The three women added a great touch.  They aren't always with them.  I think it's essential that we have the woman for our wedding band come perform.  She is optional but I think she's totally worth it. 

Then we took a bike cab to Connollys.  Thank you guy behind us for messing up our picture!

Big night out last night and I was also out and about on Tuesday with some work folks.  Chaos I tell ya!  It's been a heckuva week.  Tons of fun though! 


  1. Bike rentals?! WOW - totally going to be taking advantage of that!!

  2. Bike rentals makes moving to CTL more and more appealing! Love your top, girl!

  3. You've got to love a fun and wild weeknight! Can't wait for next week :)

  4. I saw the bikes yesterday. Kinda pricey for a short ride. I wonder how long they will last.

  5. I love taking bike cabs!! Looks like a fun night!!