Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excel Spreadsheets

Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with excel spreadsheets, but I make one for everything! 

 - pros and cons of houses

 - figuring out if I should get a new car
in my dreams - via google

 - wedding invite lists

 - comparing photographers apples to apples

 - logging each workout - distance, time and with who

 - budgets for my spending

 - proposed budget for Kevin and I together

 - budget for our sorority chapter (I'm the financial advisor)

 - list for who's bringing what for a wedding/baby shower

 - cost breakdown to split among hostesses of a party

 - what markets have what stores for work

 - counting calories

 - quote sheets for Kevin's work

They make my decisions and life SO much easier. 
Tell me how you use excel spreadsheets!


  1. I'm a list person too, but right now I might drive myself insane if I think too much about them.

  2. Not even engaged and I have a Guest List Excel. First tab is "who we probably have to invite and thus the largest list". Second tab is "if we whittle down to MUST INVITE". Third tab is "dream invite list" and therefore cuts out most of my relatives and is under 50 people. Happy sigh.

  3. I LOVE excel!!!! I'm working on wedding lists now and I list to check percentages... I've invited 290 total but hoping for around 70% attendance, so I check my spreadsheet ALL the time lol. Love your blog - I'm DeAnna's cousin.

  4. I'm a complete list person as well, but I'm so old school. I love to handwrite them and then cross em off once I get them done.

  5. Oh my goodness, I need to take some notes from you. Please show us an example, I'm excel spreadsheet challenged!! haha :)