Friday, July 27, 2012

Bullet Point Friday

 - My work computer had a run in with some (actually a lot) liquid yesterday.  Thanks to my Dad, rice in a sealed bag and my hair dryer it turned on this morning.  That would have been real fun to explain to work!  ;)

 - I've been on the road the past couple of days.  It's not even that fun to talk about any more since I do it every week.  Got a lot accomplished though so that's good!

 - Kevin and I are going to look at another house tonight after work.  We are both getting super antsy for a home.  He needs to be closer to his office and I need SPACE!

 - Last night we went to Cajun Queen for a tasty dinner when I got back in town.  We had a groupon or something like that which was going to expire in a couple of weeks. 

 - Tomorrow I'm going back to Raleigh to celebrate a friend's baby at her shower!  The best bonus - I get to see my nieces (they're in town with my SIL's parents)!!!!!!!!  AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!  It's been WAY too long.



  1. Good luck with the house hunting. I've just started the process and it's no where near as fun as it looks on House Hunters. ;)

  2. I miss Cajun Queen. We use to walk over there all the time when I lived in the hood. One of our favorites :)

  3. Good luck on tonight's home search! Hope this search comes to a end after tonight! :)

  4. So glad the computer was working today! Best of luck with the house hunting. I can't wait to hear about you finding one. Enjoy your friend's shower and time with your nieces. :)

  5. Have fun in Raleigh!! So glad you got your computer to work again... that can be seriously scary.